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History of Bayannur

  Bayannur has a long history, Since the Qin Dynasty, the Ho-t’ao area has become the key military base of the country to garrison the frontier and defend the country. Hun's rise, the rise and fall of the East Han Dynasty and West Han Dynasty, the war traces among Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and Kin empire, an oath-taking rally by General Feng Yuxiang before the northern expedition and Fu Zuoyi’s fighting against the Japanese invaders have something to do with the fertile alluvial plains at the Ho-t’ao and the Wulate Grassland of the lush float grass. Today, in this land full of hope, Bayannur people will, while taking advantage of the opportunity of Great Development of Western Region, seize the opportunity and work hard, Bayannur facing the bright prospects for development.

  It is the endless time that can pour out the mutability of history .Hetao Plain acts as one of the cradle lands for Chinese nation.Early in the Late Old Stone Age.our ancestors began to multiple their descendants on the land of Bayannur.As shown in historic relics from dinosaur fossil and Yinshan Cliff Painting to the Great Wall of Zhao State(one of the states in the Warring States Period),Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty and ancient townsites and tumuli,the heroic undertaking from the "Hufu Qishe"military reform by Emperor Wu Ling Wang to the rally to pledge resolution by Feng Yuxiang (a general of China before 1949)at Wuyuan,the battles from Emperor liu Che(Han Dynasty)bidding for state power at yinshan Mountain to Wuyuan Battle by Fu Zuoyi (one of the generals of China before 1949) and the folk culture from birth of Lu Bu (a general of the Three Kingdoms Period) to Mongolian dance, Hetao Errentai (song and dance duet prevailed in lnner Mongolia) and so on, Hetao culture experienced the primitive budding, the ups and downs of dynasty and the current refrm, which deeply reflected human history. It has fully been absorbing the essence of farming cultre, grassland culture, grassland culture, frontier-fortress culture and yellow River culture from the distant past to today and from babyhood to adulthood. Let's feel the eminence and pride from our ancestors in this historic picture of Hetao culture.

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