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Investment Fields

  Processing industry of agricultural and livestock products: Mainly giving an incentive to the advantageous enterprises in grain and oils, dairy products, tomato, fruit and vegetable, brewing, forest and reed, and pharmaceutics to become bigger and stronger, and supporting its industries to develop to the downstream.


  Mining and metallurgical industry: On the basis of existing proven reserves of mineral resources, encourage investment in risk exploration; and promoting development and investment of downstream products to extend the industrial chain.

  Chemical Industry: Encouraging the development of coal chemical industry, chlorine-alkali industry, chromate chemical industry and biological chemical industry.


  Power Industry: Encouraging the development of such power-generating projects as wind power generation, solar power generation and power generation by use of town refuse, crop residues, natural gas and oil shale.

 Manufacturing industry: Giving an incentive to development of such industries as assemblage of wind power-generating equipment, polycrystalline silicon (monocrystalline silicon) and hardware manufacturing, and contracting the business from the labor-intensive enterprises in the Southeast China through introducing labor-intensive enterprises.


 Infrastructural construction: Highlighting the infrastructural construction in Linhe New Zone, the key towns, industrial parks and ports of key banners and counties, as well as related real estate development, and attracting investment in construction of “spoke” airport, Across-Yellow River Bridge and related highways.

 Tourism: Attaching importance to the development of such projects as Wulashan National Forest park, Wuliangsuhai Eco-tourist Zone, Weixin Int’l Golf Resort, Sanshenggong Yellow River Irrigation Scenic Spot and Ulan Buh Desert (Naryn Lake) Scenic Spot.


 Logistics: Building the traffic hub and the logistic center from North China to Northwest China and attracting capital to build 8 professional markets related to pile, domestic animal, meat, wheat, sunflower, fruit and vegetable, building materials and coal in order to develop Bayanur into a internationally high-caliber c enter of physical distribution for trade.

Water resources: Focusing on development of such projects as water supply of industrial parks, application of mean, urban sewage treatment, construction of small and medium-sized reservoirs and that of urban water landscapes.

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